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Red and Black Jester Masquerade Mask

Red and Black Jester Masquerade Mask


Introducing the captivating black and red court jester masquerade mask. hand painted and embellished at Shimmer in metellic black and red shimmer with gold accents this exquisite mask conceals your identity while allowing you to express yourself freely at masked balls or enchanting celebrations. Let it transport you to a world where laughter and mischief reign, as you become part of the timeless tradition of jesters who entertained royal courts. Embrace the transformative power of this enchanting creation, whispering tales from eras gone by in every delicate swirl and pattern.


BESPOKE ORDERS. This item can be made to order in any colour to your specification. Prices will depend on detail chosen, we are happy to work with our customers to bring you something that is special and unique.

Color: red
Only 1 left in stock
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